The Poet Salon
A podcast where poets talk over drinks

Alcoholic Drinks

Bourbon in a Small Gold Glass

“if the poem follows / you home, whiskey” —tai freedom ford, “how to get over ["when the poem flirts..."]

“beauty you can stick a manicured finger / into and through, beauty that doesn’t rely / on any sentence the sun chants, it’s whiskey / swelter blown scarlet” —Patricia Smith, “Prologue—And Then She Owns You”

“I inhale the perfume of the Bourbon rose, then try to separate / what is scent, sense, and what you call memory, what is emotion, where in a / dialogue like touching is it so vibratory and so absorbent of my attention and / longing, with impressions like fingerprints all over.” —Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, “Hello, The Roses”

Sometimes, it’s best to just keep things simple. Sometimes, you just want bourbon in a small gold glass.

This was one of those weeks!

Bourbon in a Small Gold Glass pairs well with many things, including late-night talks about family, thunderstorms real and remembered, and our early spring conversation with the incredible Geffrey Davis.


Gabrielle Stahlman