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The Hot Daddy

Fun fact! Langston Hughes’s favorite cocktail was one he invented called the ‘Hard Daddy.’ As described in a letter to a friend, the ‘Hard Daddy’ = whiskey, maple syrup, lemon juice, and ice. For our recording sesh with Danez Smith, we decided to make a hot version of this intriguingly named cocktail, subbing hot water for the ice and serving it in a cozy mug. Go generous with the lemon and light on the syrup and your taste buds will be happy. Pairs perfectly with cold winter Mondays, Ezell’s chicken, and our episode with Danez Smith.  

*Shout out to Kelsey Bates at the Rosenbach for passing along Langston Hughes’s “Hard Daddy” recipe!

the hot daddy.jpg


—2 oz Irish whiskey (we used Jameson)

—fresh lemon

—maple syrup

—hot water

Gabrielle Stahlman