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Those Winter Gin and Tonics

What did we know, what did we know of a gin and tonic’s potential to be a winter cocktail? Nothing! (Until we invented this version). The addition of Amaro Averna and fresh blood orange give the refreshing G&T you know and love some deeper bitter notes and a blink more sweetness. The title of the drink alludes to the famous, heartbreaking sonnet “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden.

Ingredients: Gin (we used Seattle-based Big Gin), Tonic Water, Amaro Averna, Blood Orange

those winter.jpg

Step 1: Rinse glass with Amaro (as one would rinse a glass with absinthe for a sazerac)

Step 2: Fill glass with ice

Step 3: Add gin

Step 4: Top with tonic

Step 5: Brief squeeze of blood orange wedge and garnish with a blood orange wheel (optional)

Gabrielle Stahlman