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Sonnet Spiced Coffee

The word “sonnet” comes to us from the Italian word “sonetto,” meaning little song. We don’t know exactly what song is inspiring this coffee, but we’re pretty sure it would sound amazing if sung by Fairuoz (iconic Lebanese diva, see picture below). This drink is pretty easy to make (assuming you know how to make coffee in a French Press and have a bean grinder). Simply coarse-grind your coffee beans and spices together, then proceed with your coffee brewing per usual. Sonnet Spiced Coffee pairs splendidly with fresh satsumas, tiny porcelain cups, and our episode with Lena Khalaf Tuffaha.

spiced coffee image plus Fairuz.jpg


—8 tablespoons of coffee (we used Peets “Big Bang” blend)

—three black peppercorns

—dash of cardamom

—dash of cinnamon

—dash of nutmeg

—dash of crushed clove

*For a boozy, sweeter version, we recommend adding a splash (or, ok, two) of your favorite cognac.

Gabrielle Stahlman